Today, people are no longer depending on fortune 500 companies and networks to tell them what is "IN" or "OUT". People are looking for honest opinions from regular consumers, just like themselves, whom they trust.  Confessions Of A City Girl provides content that resonates with women who have a desire to be "in the know". With a reach of over 7,000 monthly readers (and counting) from countries all over the globe such as: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Australia, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Philippines, India, France, and Brazil; women are interested in hearing about new products.

Our readers are educated motivators who are always ahead of the curve; they set trends in every aspect of their lives including fashion, business, technology, music, and entertainment. Determined to exceed expectations in their lives,  Confessions Of A City Girl  readers look to this blog for what's hot, fresh, and new.

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