Mar 27, 2014

Foodie: Chia Seed Pudding

I have been a pescatarian for 12 weeks! Remember back in January when I only said I would do it for 4 weeks? Look at me now *wink*

To capitalize off my new-found eating habits, I've been experimenting with new recipes. I've been eating raw chia seeds for over 2 years, but I've only eaten them tossed in yogurt. I heard about chia pudding and one day I realized that I had all of the ingredients, so why not try it?

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Mar 23, 2014

Sunday Inspiration: You Don't Have Time

I love this quote.
Buddha and many other spiritual guides have said (or alluded) that time is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. We spend so much "time" (for lack of a better word) obsessing over things we cannot control. We wonder, "If I did this in the past, would I have fared better?" Or, sometimes we think, "If i have that in the future, my life will surely be better!"

Live in the moment. At this very moment, not a minute from now, not 30 seconds from now, not even ten seconds from now - RIGHT NOW, you are alive and well. If you stay present and aware that all you have is now, there would be no need for anxiety about your future or sadness about your past. Live for now.

Do you want to pursue something? Do it now.
Do you want to tell someone something, but you have been waiting on the "right time"? Do it now.
The truth is, time is a figment of our imagination; the past is an illusion and the future doesn't exist. All we have is now.
Whatever your heart desires, do it now, or at least get the ball rolling. Have a great week!

Do you find yourself thinking that you have "time"? 


Mar 10, 2014

New Shoes: Sam & Libby for Target

Available at Target retail stores (similar HERE)

Happy March and Happy Monday! Over the weekend, I ended up at Target, as usual... I think I may be addicted! I didn't buy much (yay me!), but I did score these cute oxford shoes by Sam & Libby. Spring is fast approaching and I must not be caught off guard!

The shoes come in this lovely beige, black and a metallic silver. Check out the whole collection by Sam & Libby; they have so many cute spring shoe options, I know I will be heading back next weekend!

How do you think I should wear these?


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