Feb 23, 2014

Sunday Inspiration: SPARKLE!

Sunday Inspiration is coming really late today, so consider it Sunday Inspiration/Monday Motivation.

I saw this picture a year or two ago and immediately fell in love with it. It resonated with me, partly because I am an eyewear designer (hence the "sparkle"), but also because it's a simple sentence that's so powerful!

Never let anyone dull YOUR sparkle; you can't dim your light so that others can shine.

Have a great week ahead.

Are you ever afraid to "sparkle"?



  1. I try my hardest to remember this although at times it can be very difficult. Thanks for the reminder!!!

  2. I live by this...people always ask why are you dressed up? It gets annoying but it's not my fault they want to look boring lolll

  3. sometimes easier said than done, but always necessary to remember :)

  4. Its tough, but its something to live by


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