Jan 31, 2014

An H&M Find And A Goal Check-in...

Guess who's posting for the fourth time this month?!

*Points to Self*

First off, can we talk about the hat in the picture above!? I spotted this little gem at the H&M store in Times Square NYC and fell in L-O-V-E! There were only two left, but I went into a heavy debate with myself. The answer to your question is, "Yes." I bought it! I'm glad I picked it up because upon coming home and checking the website, I discovered there were none online.
You can visit your nearest H&M store or check out a similar style HERE.

Now onto my goal updates. In my New Year blog post, I had a list of goals. Well, now that the month has come to a close, I wanted to share some progress:

  • I wanted to become a pescatarian and I have been one for 3 weeks! I feel great actually - not really "missing" anything about meat (which is amazing because I thought I loved chicken.)
  • I wanted to do at least 1 "Sunday Inspiration" post a month and did my first one last week (check it out HERE). 
  • The ultimate blogging goal was to publish at least 4 posts a month. This post is post #4, so BOOM!
  • I challenged myself to do/try something new once a month and this month I tried Korean BBQ for the first time. That was awesome, I'll definitely be going again. 
The other two were connect with bloggers  & read more. I didn't get around to tackling those two, but I still have 11 months to go.

How are you accomplishing your New Year goals?



  1. I love that hat! And anything from H&M of course. ;) Congrats on doing so well on your goals this month!!

  2. That hat is amazing. I need it haha x

  3. I must say that I do like the hat, it's rather nice.

    Twice I've taken it upon myself to go 30 days without meat. I've done it twice and I was absolutely miserable those two months. I don't know why I did it, because me and the cow, pig, lamb and chicken have had quite the love affair. They are the bomb diggity!!!

  4. Cool hat and great going on your new Year goals..I launched my own line of accessories and have been exhibiting all over my city and it's a challenge juggling it with the blog, but I'm managing okay!
    Do visit my blog & if you like, follow me on GFC, Bloglovin & Twitter, leave a comment & I'll surely follow back! Have a lovely day!

    Feisty Fox Diaries

  5. I love the hat. Kisses from Kenya

  6. I am trying to lol not that easy.

  7. Hey! nice blog! im now following you with gfc, can you follow me back please? :)


  8. I love your blog


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