Dec 27, 2011

This New Year, No More Resolutions! (REBLOG)

New Year’s is here again.

*Editors note: I wrote this last year. As I went back and looked through my posts, I found it and re-read it. I still believe what I wrote to be true. This year, not writing a resolution worked out for me again. Hopefully It will for you.

Original Post:
How in the world did 365 days go by so quickly?

In any event, I sat back and looked at my year as a whole. There were lot's of things I did that impressed me! I took subtle chances (that i never would before), I went places, met people, just did things that made SHERINE happy. That's a big accomplishment for me since I am a silent "people pleaser".

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Dec 22, 2011

LOL: First Lady Michelle Obama Has A Hot Date... Potentially

During a stop for the U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots campaign, Lance Cpl. Aaron Leeks, 20, asked First
Lady if she'd accompany him to the Marine Corps Ball... and do you know what she said?

She said YES! Well... technically.
Lol, Aaron said,
"She said she'd love to go. Actually, she said I'd need to speak to her husband, too, but she said she'd love to."
He is a brave one. I'm sure Mr. President will allow it. That would be SO CUTE!


Dec 18, 2011

Journey To The Center Of The Earth...

Okay... Not really!

I'm actually in the Caribbean! It's so beautiful here it's crazy.

 I can't post as much as i'd like so just in case I don't get the opportunity to do so, 
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year... All that! 

I'll be back soon with a lot of pictures :-)


Dec 14, 2011

Out And About: Behind The Scenes Of The Monif C & Indique Photoshoot

A week ago I had the privallege of volunteering for Indique Hair (I spoke about them here)at their joint fashion shoot with Monif C Plus Sizes.

I love photoshoots because you get to see all the things that go into making one magical shot happen.

The shoot showcased Indique's hair pieces from their Studio Collection as well as Monif C's latest line.

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Dec 12, 2011

Look Of The Day: Leopard And Glitter (Birthday Edition)

Today is my birthday!!!
A lady never tells her age but I can tell you I'm in my Michael Jordon year :-)
*Bats Eyelashes*

I went out with some friends for dinner at Candela Candela and hung out at Tonic bar afterwords. Good times!

Click "READ MORE" for outfit details...

Dec 9, 2011

Style Muse: Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993)
I had never seen "Breakfast At Tiffany's" up until recently. There was always such hype around the film that I thought it would be amazing.
After seeing it... I can't see what all the fuss was about. It was a decent movie but I have NO idea why people make such a huge deal. While I'm left perplexed about the movie raves, what I do understand is the hype behind Audrey's beauty (r.i.p). She is simply GORGEOUS and super stylish!

As I was watching the movie, I couldn't help but fall in love with her big beautiful eyes and classically chic look.
She is my next "Style Muse" (click here for the last one)

Click "READ MORE" to see a couple of my favorite images...

Dec 7, 2011

The Craziest Wedding Proposal Ever!

This was probably one of the craziest wedding proposals I've ever seen.
It was on Mobbed. He got her SO GOOD lol!

In all honesty though, he had me in tears until the "lets get married right now" part- then i was like "oh hell no!"
I'm sorry but i would have been mad at him!
My hair, nails, and  makeup aren't done. The dress was blah (and no one buttoned it up). Lol I'm sorry, I would have had to respectfully decline.



Dec 6, 2011

Lady Gaga's Barneys Workshop And A-Morir (Plus My Small Roll)

In November, Lady Gaga debuted her workshop of favorite things for Barney's in New York.
Among a plethora of amazing designers my favorite bedazzler and former boss, Kerin Rose of A-Morir, was called upon to create something special for the 220 piece collection.

The workshop takes up 5,500 square feet of the Men's section and all of the Gaga inspired gifts are set around manic and cartoon-like sculptures by artist Eli Sudbrack.

Gaga made sure to think of her fans from all economic backgrounds. There are gifts ranging from $9.00 to $1,500! Also, 25 percent of the sales will go to the "Born This Way" foundation. 

Click "Read More" to see some of A-Morir's Gaga workshop goodies and find out what part I played in history :-)

Dec 5, 2011

Music Monday: Iggy Azalea

Who is Iggy Azalea? She's a rapper from Down Under (Australia) who likes to talk about her "down under". With a controversial single, titled "PU$$Y", Iggy took the Internet by storm. What makes her a bit more controversial, to some, is her skill and paradoxical skin color.
Iggy spits like the best of them, curses like the rest of them, yet seems to maintain an uber sexy (sometimes high fashion) look.

I downloaded the "Ignorant Art" mix tape that Iggy has out now. I am not sure how to feel.
Iggy has an undeniable unique cadence/vocal tone but some of her content just isn't there to me.
 I can't help but hope think that maybe she released these tracks just to get folks talk.
One of my favorite songs on the mix tape is "My World" (her latest single)
 and "Backseat" *GIGGLE* It appeals to the ratchet girl in me.

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Dec 1, 2011

Lusting After Wool...

I spotted this over at Refinery 29 and fell in love.
This Whit Knit Wool Turban retails for $168 big ones (available at Bird).
I have student loans to pay off so this price range is not feasible right now...
*SIGH* But a girl can dream right?

Quick! Somebody find me the knock off version!

What winter items are you lusting after?


Nov 30, 2011

Swarovski Elements in Vogue Germany

I've always been a fan of things that sparkled :-). Crystals being at the top of the list.
This spread by Swarovski Elements in Vogue Germany makes me smile.

This last one is probably my favorite shot.


Nov 29, 2011

Scarlett Johansson Takes It Off For Interview Magazine

Scarlett Johansson recently posed topless with Interview Magazine...

Okay, you couldn't see anything but isn't she gorgeous!

The star sat down with the magazine to discuss a plethora of things- including her upcoming films We Bought A Zoo (December) and The Avengers.
If you don't know, Scarlett is my girl crush! Not only is she beautiful and a phenomenal actress; she is also a humanitarian! Last Summer she traveled to Kenya and Somalia with Oxfam to assist with the relief effort in the wake of a severe drought that has plagued East Africa-- Go Scarlett!

Click "READ MORE" to view the rest of the pics from the shoot and interview snippets...

Nails Did: Checkered Box Love

This isn't the current way my nails look but I forgot to post them...

I loved my checkered boxes...
Both the gold and purple polish colors are from Sephora by OPI
Gold: Worth My Weight
Purple: Just A Little Dangerous

If you want to feature your nails in the "Nails Did" section, email me the photos and I'd gladly post them! Toodles!

Nov 28, 2011

Turkey, Stuffing, and Stripes: Thanksgiving OOTD

This Thanksgiving I spent time with my family in Boston, MA.
While I shudder at the history of Thanksgiving, it's nice to get together and see family that you sometimes don't get to see often.

The weather was surprisingly decent so I got to take pictures outside on the patio.

Dress: American Eagle Outfitters
Cardigan: New York & Co
Shoes: Bakers
Jewlery: Random Store In The City

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Nov 18, 2011

"I'm Not Going To Marry You If I Don't Have A Job First."

Lol this little girl has her head on straight... Straighter than most women even. 


Nov 16, 2011

Adele Covers Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmo is WINNING!
Last month I got my issue and Nicki Minaj was on the cover, I had a moment...
But getting my December 2011 issue and seeing Adele on the cover?!
I had another moment.

After the Vogue Magazine scandal- only her face graced the cover alledgely because of her size- I was happy to see Adele on the cover in a gorgeous leopard D&G dress.

Click "READ MORE" for pics from the spread...

Unorthodox Beauty Tips

I love learning about different ways to spruce up my look.
If I have to make it, that's even better!

Here are some homemade remedies/tips on various issues (like dry lips in the winter, oily skin etc.) that often plague us (men and women!).

Click "READ MORE" to see the tips...

Nov 14, 2011

Shoegasm: Crystals & Pearls

Saw these shoes and automatically fell in love... They make me want to put on a see-through white lingerie gown and stand on a balcony.... I obviously have an overactive imagination.

These are custom made shoes by Tess Harriss, you want them? You'll have to pay a pretty penny, but they're HOT! Check out the designer EverlastingLife


Music Monday: Bridget Kelly- Every Girl (VIDEO)

"Didn't you used to date her? What do you mean why do I hate her? I gotta find every girl that ever loved you and kill her dead... right away..."

Today's Music Monday post is by Bridget Kelly.
The Roc Nation artist has toured the world and preformed on live television before she even released an album.
She went on the road with boss and mentor Jay-Z but has branched off and has recently released an mixtape titled "Every Girl" a few weeks ago.

She has been getting some great reviews!

Coincidentally, Bridget attended the same high school as I (she was a sweetheart!).
I bumped into her at a recent ASCAP event and caught up with her, as well as got a chance to see her preform, for the second time in a few weeks, live.

The song "Every Girl" has been on repeat since I downloaded the mixtape.
The semi-eerie track speaks to the female who has ever wanted her boyfriend's ex to just disappear.

"The only reason that their all still alive is cause I don't know where to put them"

If you like what you've heard, download Bridget Kelly's mixtape "Every Girl" here.


Nov 11, 2011

OOTD: What I Wore To The WEEN Awards

At yesterday's event I rocked this outfit.
The mandatory all black was a blessing because I've been DYING to wear this dress!

Bandage Dress: Forever 21
Leopard Pumps:
Necklace: ASOS
Bracelets: Thrifted

That was the 1st time I'd ever worn those pumps. I LOVE them but I think I may have to sell them or return them. They are one size TOO BIG! I felt like a clown trying not to slip out of the shoe and fall :-(


Out & About: The 3rd Annual WEEN Awards with Estelle, Keri Hilson, Egypt, and More (PICS)

WEEN Co-founders Sabrina Thompson and Valeisha Butterfield-Jones w/ honoree Estelle

Yesterday I attended the 3rd Annual WEEN Awards at The Samsung Experience in New York City.
If you don't remember, during my summertime hiatus from the blog world, I was attending the 1st ever WEEN academy. WEEN, which stands for Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network, is a non-profit group of women and men that support and promote a positive portrayal of women in entertainment and society.

Last night WEEN awarded Keri Hilson, Estelle, editor of Billboard magazine Danyel Smith, TV and radio personality Egypt Sherrod for their proven commitment in to women in the entertainment industry. They also honored marketing professional Jennifer Yu, and Tracy Mourning.

Among the people that were there: Amanda Diva, Alesha Renee, Mashonda (all three were professors at the academy), Sylvia Rhone, Mona Scott Young, NFL player Ramses Barden, and celebrity publicist BJ Coleman were in the building.

Click "READ MORE" to view pictures from the night...

Nov 5, 2011

Naomi Campbell Covers 'Soon International'... Bald And Beautiful

My 2nd mommy (in my head) Naomi Campbell is on the cover of Soon International.
The cover, photographed by Seb Janiak, shows Naomi bald and gleaming.

She looks like a mannequin!

Say what you want about Naomi, but one thing you can't say is that she is NOT a BAD BISH! She looks better at 40+ than some of the 20 year old I know.

I love nay nay... Blackberry hurling and all.

Click "Read More" to see the rest of the shots...

Nov 4, 2011

Don't Mess With My Girls: Shyane Dejesus Fights Back!

When I got a phone call asking "did you see Shyane on the news?!" I said "No, What happened? Did she finally me Beyonce and act a fool?"
That's Shyane. A sweet, fun loving, charismatic girl with a beautiful and open spirit.

But no. They responded "NO! Shyane was molested in the train station and kicked the guys ass! She also got a picture and went to the cops."

Click "READ MORE" to hear more on the story...

Nov 1, 2011

Atelier Versace Fall 2011

Saw these Atelier Versace Fall 2011 pics and fell in love. Donna Versace is definitely putting in work.

Click "READ MORE" for the rest of the images...

Oct 31, 2011

Music Monday's: Simone Battle- "He Likes Boys"

Simone Battle is a recent "X Factor" castaway.
Apparently, Simone was NOT a favorite of the judges on the show but she vowed to make it anyhow (don't they all?).
She seems to be taking active steps toward making good on that promise with her recent release of "He Likes Boys". I saw this video a few days ago and the title alone made me curious.
I wondered, "Is that a typo?"
"Did she mean "She" likes boys?"
Then I pressed play and was pleasantly surprised!
The video/song is about a gorgeous young girl who just can't seem to pick the boys right. Each guy she falls for always seems to like boys. Hey, I'd dance to it at a party.

Simone describes herself as "If a Cheerleader, a Hipster, and a Drag Queen had a Threesome, I would be their love child"... Sounds like my kinda girl!

Click "READ MORE" to see the video and more pics of Ms. Battle...

Oct 29, 2011

Fall Days...

On a chilly fall day, if I had a magical genie, this is what I'd have him conjure up!
I love the cool laid back vibe I get from everything on here... The Stuart Weitzman booties though... SICK!
My day out

Principles by Ben de Lisi red dress, £45
Stuart Weitzman bootie heels, $595
Leather shoulder bag, $2,100
H M bangle bracelet, £6.99
H M long necklace, £6.99
Monsoon floppy hat, £30
Fendi silk scarve, €155
Tom ford sunglasses, €275


Oct 26, 2011

WTF Wednesday: Mom Tries To Sell Daughter's Virginity?

Well, what do we have here?
A mother in Utah plead guilty to the charge of trying to sell her 13-year-old daughters virginity.



 The "mother" (if we can call her that) is charged with sending sexually explicit messages about her daughter to a man she hoped would pay $10,000 for sex with the virgin teen.

Click "READ MORE" to read the rest of the story...

The Top 10 Workout Songs For October (By Run Hundred)

Although the month of October is almost over, I thought this would be a very relevant post.

Chris over at Run Hundred recently contacted me to give me the scoop on October's top 10 workout songs. I figured since I had the scoop on some great workout songs (which I'm not putting to use- another story for another post), I should share them with you all!

So to all my healthy readers, or readers like me who want to get healthy, check it out after the jump!

Click "READ MORE" for the list

Oct 19, 2011

New Video: Rihanna "We Found Love"

Pop superstar Rihanna filmed the video for upcoming single “We Found Love" in Belfast, Ireland.
The single is the 1st off her upcoming album Talk That Talk.
The video was directed by Melina, one of her favorite directors, and Tanisha Scott handled the choreography.

The video is pretty intense. There's a great storyline of 2 lovers, addicted to one another, and learning that that dependency is not always healthy in a relationship.
I actually REALLY liked it. I could have done without the flashes of drug paraphernalia but other than that, GOOD JOB Ri!

I know she's about to get a whole lot of flack for this in 5, 4, 3...

Click "READ MORE" to see the video...

Oct 18, 2011

What I Want: Biker Boots!

I've been dying for a pair of really GOOD biker or riding boots... and I've YET to find one :-(

So far, these three are the closest to being what I want but I would have to see them in person to decide.
I'm really funny about how the leather looks, how it will age, etc.
Steve Madden


Steve Madden

My other problem shopping for boots is the prices! Oh my... Most of these boots are no less than $100... but according to my friend Danielle "I am just NOT willing to spend that much money on a combat boot." At this point though, it doesn't look like I have a choice :-(
Do you guys have any suggestions on possible boots I may like?
What are you pining over right now?


Out And About: The Intimate Meet & Greet With R&B Singer Lloyd Hosted By

Yesterday, on Monday October 17, 2011, held an intimate Meet & Greet with R&B singer Lloyd at the Rocawear office in New York City.

I've always been a fan of Lloyd's music.
His voice and style is unique among the pleathora of pop and techno sounds that are dominating the airwaves.
Lloyd disscused how he feels about being a top artist under 30 years old, what his fears are, and shared personal and professional stories.

Click "READ MORE" to see pics of the night...

Oct 17, 2011

Music Monday: Emeli Sande

I'm absolutely in love with Emeli Sande!
I had never heard of her until I went to London. The whole time I was there, I kept asking who she was. For me, she's a breath of fresh air.
The Scotland born singer signed to Virgin Records in 2010 and released her first single "Heaven" in 2011. She has written for a few of the UK's current top acts like Tinie Tempah, Cher Lloyd and Leona Lewis.
While she originally went by her first name, Adele, she later changed it to Emeli (for obvious reasons). Not only is she talented, she's smart too! She graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in neurology.
Go ahead girl, beauty and brains!

Emeli's debut album "Our Version Of Events" is set to be released in January of 2012. I look forward to it.

Click "READ MORE" to watch performances of Emeli...

New Video: Beyonce- "Love On Top"

The darling Queen Bey released the official video for her single "Love On Top" off her "4" album.
Last week, Beyonce teased her fans with a "sneak peek" but in all honesty she could have released the whole thing.
I am more of a theatrical girl so i like to see plots in a video. You know, beginning, middle, and end... It was the same thing over and over in different outfits.
-___- Bey, you ain't fooling nobody.

She looked gorgeous though! She always glows.

Click "READ MORE" for the video...

Oct 13, 2011

BET Hip Hop Awards Cyphers

The BET Hip Hop awards was shown this week... and I didn't watch. I'm so over the mockery that BET sometimes makes of hip hop so i rather catch highlights online... Plus, i was really busy... painting my nails.

Anywho, Click "READ MORE" for some of the cyphers. I thought they were actually really good!
Maybe hip hop does have a chance after all.

Oct 12, 2011

WTF Wednesday: Vybz Kartel To Launch... A Line Of Bleaching Cream?

Before and after of Vybz Kartel

I just can't. Not today, not ever.

So apparently Jamaican artist Vybz Kartel, who was recently indicted on murder charges, is launching is own line of skin bleaching cream for the young men of Jamaica.

Why? I don't know.

Kartel, who likens his skin bleaching to Caucasian people tanning, will release his creams under the name of "Vybz".

Somebody call the FDA, the CDC, somebody... ANYBODY. I know this can't be legal.

People are calling bleaching a "growing" problem in Jamaica but that is untrue. It is just a problem that is NOW receiving attention. In Jamaica and many other Afro-Caribbean islands, bleaching has been a long standing practice. I have family members that bleach their skin. There is so much underlying self hate among people of color it's disgusting.

Now, with all that said, let me go some blast Kartel :-)
I still love his music *GIGGLE*


New Video: "Lay It On Me"- Kelly Rowland

YES! Kelly Rowland looks STUNNING in her new video "Lay It On Me" ft. Big Sean.
Kelly prances around and fondles her half naked male dancers, plays with an elephant, and just enjoys being sexy in this video... Gosh I want her job!
While I can do without her choice of wigs, all in all, great video.
This is the 2nd single off Kelly's album "Here I Am", a title very appropriate for the new and improved Kelly.
It's time for her to take her place on the charts, she definitely deserves it.

Click "READ MORE" for the video...

Up In London

I spent the last 2 weeks and 3 days of my summer in the UK!
I'd ALWAYS wanted to go there, (I'd been working on my accent since I was about 5) so when i got my ticket as a graduation gift, I was beyond excited!

I stayed with family and got to go all over London. North, South, East, West, you name it, I went.
I did all the tourist bits, like museums, tours, shopping etc., but the time I enjoyed the most was just driving around the city.
I really admire their attempt at preserving all their historical sites and buildings.

Click "READ MORE" to see pics from my trip...

Esquire Magazine Crowns Rihanna As "Sexiest Woman Alive"

Rihanna covers this month's Esquire magazine naked... not that that's surprising.

The Bajan superstar was crowned the sexiest woman alive by the magazine and discusses the issue of being a role model, her sex appeal, and more.

Riri is undoubtedly sexy, sexiest woman alive though? Do you agree?

Click "READ MORE" for the rest of the picture from the shoot.

Oct 3, 2011

Back To Blogging I Go!


It's been 3 months since my last post but i'm back and better than ever!
Ok... not really... but you get the point :-)

My summer got really hectic. I was a member of the Inagural WEEN academy (more on that later), I went to a multitude of events, and I made it across the water to LONDON!

All in all, I had a very full summertime. I will be back with a new layout, more posts, and updates throughout the week.

Btw, do you like the new url
Let me know if it has the "ring" to it.


Jul 8, 2011

Out And About: The Indique+ Ginger & Liz Glam Survival Kit Launch

About a week and a half ago I attended The Indique+ Ginger & Liz Glam Survival Kit Launch event. The event was held at Townhouse Spa in NYC and hosted by the wonderful Lianne Farbes. With coctails sponsored by X-Rated liqueur, Indique hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, and mini mani's by Ginger & Liz, I had a BLAST!

Click Read More to see pics from the event...

Jun 21, 2011

Adele Is My Hero

She really is my hero... I love this woman's voice.
I've been on a "listen to Adele" binge for about a week now. I have a few favorite songs but "Set Fire To The Rain" and "Don't You Rememeber" off her 21 album are inmy top two.

Adele is currently on vocal rest because of a severe case of laryngitis... but she'll be back soon enough!

Click "READ MORE" for performance videos...

Jun 16, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday TuPac!

Happy Birthday to Mr. Thg Life himself, Lesane Parish Crooks a.k.a Tupac Amuru Shakur!

Pac would've been 40 today. While they don't make them like him anymore, I am still glad i have his music to listen and vibe to.

Since I'm missing Cali, in honor of TuPac's birthday, here's my favorite song!


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