Sep 30, 2010

New Video: Rick Ross "Aston Martin Music"

I love this song. It's one of my favorites on the "Teflon Don" album.
Ricky Rozay looks his usual dapper self... Giving us his "big-boi fly" steez.
Chrisette looks GREAT! I love the red lips and those aviator shades make me happy inside!
Drizzy with his little adorably odd/cornball swag makes him so cute to me! That damn right hand of his has its own mind though...

And i must point out, as an Advertising/PR major i laughed at a couple scenes. Diddy is a genius. Y'all didn't know it, but he was in the video too. Everytime the camera did a close-up shot of the rasberry Ciroc, Diddy got paid. Let us all give Diddy a clap for that one lol.


Naomi Campbell, Will You Adopt Me?

Naomi Campbell is one BAD BISH!
 In the current issue of Interview Magazine, Naomi plays dominatrix posing for a murderous photo shoot, while talking to the magazine.

Click "READ MORE" for the rest of the shoot.

Sep 29, 2010

WTF Wednesday's: Daddy Issues

Sooo... Alls i wanna know is... do you have daddy issues?


Sep 26, 2010

What I Want...

So since summer has ended, and fall is such a short season, i've begun my hunt for a winter jacket. I am extremely picky when it comes to jackets and because of this i never findone that i "love".

While doing some research, i found my two dream coats...

Say hello to the Burberry Brit Quilted Lambskin Leather Jacket (retailed at $1,295.00)
and to the Add Down Three Quarter Length Chevron Quilted Down Jacket (retailed at $398.00)

*SIGH* Sadly, it'll cost me an arm, a leg, and some blood to get them but a girl can dream... right?
Somehow, the song "Sponsor" by Teirra Marie has begun playing in my head :-D

"My feet they speak italian walk so hot. I tell him baby thanks alot. My sponsor he go and bu-bu-buy buy"

If you've got "dough to blow", like my home girl Hi Dolla *side eye* would say, check them out HERE and HERE

Sep 25, 2010

What You Gonna Do?

"I'll do anything for you, i'll even take off my Shades. What you gonna do when i'm perfect for you? Watch out, it's gonna drive you crazy... My love's gonna turn you out baby..."- Shades- Dirty Money
Dope song. Check out the track and download it HERE (link removed because of copywrite infringment laws)


Sep 23, 2010

Spring 2011 Fashion

Fashion Week in NYC always creates a dope buzz. I didnt go to any of the festivities this year (besides Fashion's Night Out) but i did keep up with some of the designers and their collections.

Carolina Herrera's collection was very elegant with a touch of ancient Japanese culture. A lot of the pieces had shift dresses tied with obi-inspired sashes or flat obi-like bows. 
The colors were very contrating. There were black and white, red, orange, pink and pine green. They seem very earth insppired. The tube dress with black obi (second from the left) is my favorite. I love the cascading print at the bottom.

Marchesa’s (who i just found out about) collection themed "ancient royalty". There were glamorous colors of pearl, ebony, mint, midnight blue, deep plum, and rose.
The hand-painted floral “oyster” dress with full skirt (top left) id DOPE! That is so creative! My favorite of the buch definitely has to be the silk lace jumpsuit. I would SOOO wear that! The ancient roman vibe is definitely appealing. 

Isaac Mizrahi Had some gorgeous pieces too. There were lots of pastels, playful prints,  chiffons, and jerseys that floated down the runway. The dresses in the pictures seem to tak on a life of their own, swaying this way and that. My favorite dress is the top one. I just love the way it skims over her body and flows off her.

I've loved Ms. Tracy Reese since i found out about her. Her classic style emanates a quiet confidence. This show had everything from eclectic prints to embellished and fun eyewear. My favorite piece is definitely the Alek Wek dress (top pic, right hand). I love prints, and i love to confuse the eye with just one piece. This dress does that effortlessly!


I'm Gonna Let You Finish Mr. President but...

Spotted over at hip hop wired, Kanye apparently gave his thoughts on President Obama calling him a "jackass".
Before i read what he said, i was nervous lol. These are two of my favorite men and I hoped that Kanye would show some discretion even if he disliked the comment. But with kanye, you never know!

Click "Read More" for the video and what Kanye had to say...

Sep 22, 2010

WTF Wednesday's: Hi Dolla

This is s joke... right? 
Did she say baby phat bag? 
Is that hot now? 
Her grills are too big for her mouth... like she went and borrowed ray ray's teeth for the video... 
Does she have a damn pentagram on her chest? 
I cannot take miss "Hi Dolla" and her ratchetness this morning.
She got "dough to blow" but her dress look like it came from pretty girl's "GOTTA GO" rack and she got two hundred dollar bills throughout the video... 
Smdh, girl BYE! 
Stop this madness and take you and your kids BACK home and RETHINK your life goals... Cause this AIN'T it... No ma'am.  

Hip hop culture has officially gone to the dogs...


Sep 21, 2010

I Was Born Free Bitch...

"If you are not honourable enough to fight without prejudice, go home"

Sep 18, 2010

My "Turkish Cuisine" Experience

I was going through a "moment" one day this week and my friend called me in the nic of time. I'm never one to "complain", because usually I’m the one listening, but she sensed that something was wrong.

Instead of sitting in the house, she made me go downtown Brooklyn with her. I agreed for the simple fact that, if nothing else made me feel better, retail therapy is always good :-)

Click "READ MORE" for the rest...

Sep 16, 2010

The Vicious Cycle of the Friend Seeking Love

Have you ever had a friend who called you all the time? She called, texted, and hung out with you so much that you were sick of her? But... that's your girl so, not matter how much she drives you insane, the laughter and good times you share makes you enjoy hanging with her.

Suddenly, the calls come to an abrupt halt. Now, it's almost like you've become a level one stalker and your "friend" is nowhere to be found.

She finally calls you one day to fills you in on the events of her life and mentions she's seeing someone. DING! DING! DING! That's it. Everything she's mentioned before and after that, seemingly minuscule, fact is now of no importance. You have solved the mystery. Your friend has (once again) ditched you for her new dude. This is the vicious cycle of the friend seeking love.
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Throwback Thursday: Raven Simone was a rapper?

Lol! I never heard this song before but this deserves a listen. Look at how CUTE she is! She's like a mini Queen Latifah...

I think i laughed until i cried...

Lmao! Was it that serious?!


Sep 15, 2010

New Video: Kelly Rowland "Rose Colored Glasses"

"Everything is beautiful when you're looking through rose coloured glasses. Everything seems amazing when you see the view through rose coloured glasses...Take 'em off."

Kelly Rowland premiered her video for "Rose Colored Glasses" on VEVO. The video was directed by Rankin. 
Check out the clip below…

Sep 13, 2010

R.I.P TuPac!

 Lesane Parish Crooks a.k.a Tupac Amaru Shakur!
(June 16, 1971 - September 13, 1996)

“During your life, never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams” -TuPac
His presence in hip hop is undeniable. 14 years later and every up and coming artist still lists him as an influence and want to imitate him. Aside from being a talented artist, Pac was an amazing actor and poet. He was intelligent and thought provoking. Even as a youg girl that is what i fell in love with. His ability to articulate himself and provoke your thoughts was something that intrigued me.

Pac is one of the people on my list of "Wish i could meet".

Click "read more" for more pics and videos.

Sometimes Kids Have The Right Idea

This pictures says everything that i'm currently thinking.


Sep 12, 2010

My "Fashion's Night Out"

 N.E.R.D's Pharell and Chris Brown perform

So i spent my Fashion's night out in SoHo. It was sheer madness... but in a GREAT way. The streets were alive and buzzing with fashionista's, celebs, and everyone in-between. I wasn't quite prepared for the craziness, but i took it in stride.
Click "read more" for some more pictures

Sep 9, 2010

Miss Solo Star

Solonge is too pretty! She has this awkward quirkiness that is amazing.

Got Meat?

So Gaga, being the nut that she is, decided to wear a bikini made of meat on the latest issue of Vogue Hommes Japan.

Me personally, I like it lol. But then again, i eat meat so... ehh.

What really bothers me though is the WEAK ASS response PETA decided to give:

“Oh, Lady Gaga’s job is to do outlandish things, and this certainly qualifies as outlandish because meat is something you want to avoid putting on or in your body,” PETA’s President, Ingrid Newkirk, told the Daily News."

PETA is NOTORIOUS for coming after any person that publicly advocates the blatent use of animal product... They went IN on Kelis when she wore a fur hat; at least Kelis could have argued it was for her sustenance.
So why such a pu*sy response? I mean come on! I was looking forward to them calling her something like "Pale meat guzzling tramp" or "Pathetic excuse for a homosapien" Or something like that.... But this? This is what i get?!
PETA You're FIRED! I need people who are dedicated to cursing people out for my entertainment for the protection of animals everywhere... This just won't do!


New Video: Twista Ft. Chris Brown - Make A Movie [Official Video]

This song makes me wanna say "Ay Papi!"
*AHEM* Sorry, i had a moment.


Sep 7, 2010

My Life As A Canvas

Faith is my life raft when moments like these occur. I always seem to get to a certain stage in my life then the rug gets pulled from under me... That sh*t is really annoying <--- I say this as i giggle.

I have to believe (for my own sanity) that there is a "bigger picture" because, right now, all I see is the convoluted brush strokes on the canvas that is my life.

New Video: Ne-Yo "One in a Million"

Ne-Yo's latest video is out.
Check it out after the jump...

Sep 4, 2010

Nostalgia At Its Best

I went to Kiddies Carnival 2010 this year and i had a great time.
It got me thinking about my days as a Kiddie Carnival participant so i had to break out my old p[ictures!
Check them out...

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